Gold Mayan Beads & Nose Rings & Gold Dust


Mayan Gold Beads

«These old Mayan gold beads were in my personal collection for many years. My dear friend Wolfgang Pogzeba (RIP) gave them to me as friendship gifts. Indulgence holds them now as more evidence that a part of me is hidden with the treasures. I can’t help but wonder through whose hands they passed during their 3,000 year journey to where they are now, or where they will be in another 1,000 years.» ff

Gold Nose Rings

«These solid gold Pre-Columbian nose rings are very heavy. They must have presented some problems when worn, but beauty sometimes comes with a price.» ff

Gold Dust

«This gold dust from the California ‘49er days is now in a glass jar and safely tucked away in Indulgence.» ff

Forrest Fenn's Legacy

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